The Road to Elysian Fields

2014 family photo with magpie watermarkGreetings Bloggers!

The Boggs family is about to embark on the first stages of the journey to our dream. We will be moving to Tennessee on May 31. We will be gaining hands on experience with Eco villages, farming, and other self sustaining practices along with networking with essential people. We will be living in a farm house with other like minded people until we can find a camper suitable for us and our needs. You are probably looking on a calendar to see what day we will be leaving by this point… It is next Saturday. We are so fortunate that it is a holiday weekend and Josh is off an extra day to help us pack. That being said, we are really busy. I am going to post links at the bottom of this message for you to read up on what we are doing and hopefully answer any questions you have. I will be posting our adventure on my blog so please stay tuned.

Our dream:

Where we are going in Tenn:

Thank you in advance for your love and support.

~The Boggs’

Also you can follow us on Twitter @boggsrevolution or @lboggsfoto. We are also on Instagram @keepitsimple26.


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