Life has been such a tornado of blessings and randomness since we left Fort Worth. I have been enjoying using my creative energy for different things but I always come back to my first love… Photography. While we were at The Farm in September I was honored to spend time with three different families. Now that we are in Paragould, I am hoping to take advantage of this beautiful fall weather and meet some more families. Please enjoy the photos below. I loved spending time with each family. IMG_2356 IMG_2378 IMG_2395IMG_2401 IMG_2433 IMG_2435 IMG_2475 IMG_2485 IMG_2524 IMG_2526 IMG_2544 IMG_2561 IMG_2567 IMG_2581

If you would like to setup a photo session please email me at If you would like to know more about our travels and our purpose, check out or click the homepage button at the top. Thank you for checking out my work.

Peace & love to you… ~Lindsay


Lindsay’s Latest Photo Sessions

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