If you didn’t know, I (Lindsay) was born in Indiana. Most of my family still lives there. We are currently visiting my family while we organize and prepare to start our journey west. Lucky us, my mom and step-dad know a lot about camper living and have been teaching us living in a camper 101. It has been a challenge to actually get started on our journey. When we found our camper in Virgina, only hours before the Twin Oaks Communities Conference, we had no idea what was going to happen next. Once the conference was over we had to figure out where we were going to register the trailer and in doing so were we going to change everything from Texas registration and license or what. In the end we decided Summertown is going to be our home base and therefore, we needed to change everything to Tennessee. Once we arrived back in Summertown, we realized that we need to cut costs even more and it was dumb to pay for a storage of stuff that could pretty much be replaced. I then proceeded to sell everything I could. It took over 2 weeks but we currently have items that fit in the truck and trailer. This process was heart wrenching for both of us but like any challenges one experiences there is always something to learn.

Our plan is to go to Missouri next and from there Colorado then Arizona. We feel lead to go to these places for whatever reason. It is interesting how things have evolved and we are curious where things will be by this time next year.

We have contacted several intentional communities but it is the off season so some are not accepting visitors and what not. Josh is still contacting people though. It seems we are on a spiritual journey along with the mission for a community. We are learning so much about ourselves.

Anywho… I could ramble on all night but I wanted to get an update actually done. Please be on the look out for a post this next week regarding buying some merchandise made by me to support our journey. I am tie dyeing some shirts today and will hopefully have a makeshift store on the main website this week with pictures and such. I am also making crocheted items. I have two different type of hats and a small purse/messager bag.

Thank you for your interest in us and what we are doing. I am trying to finish up the website so things make more sense and such.

Until next time…
Make sure you check out our Facebook page (www.facebook.com/roadtoelysianfields.com), Instagram (keepitsimole26), and Twitter (lboggsfoto). I try to do little updates on there.

~Josh & Lindsay

P.S. Kids are doing great. They really love spending time here. Journey is trying his hardest to crawl and walk. He is also working on 4 teeth coming in on top. Jocelyn is a busy body like her momma but amazes us everyday with things she is picking up on.


IMG_0273.JPGJocelyn is showing everyone she has a piece of big girl candy. She actually listened and didn’t try to chew the mint.




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