The Next Step…

The long awaited update from the Boggs family…

We have spent the month of August recovering from the permaculture design apprenticeship and taking care of the Eco-Hostel at the Eco-Villiage Training Center at The Farm intentional community.  During this time we did some brainstorming for the future days immediately ahead of us, as well as future days in our long-term adventure.  We feel like we have finally reached the next step in our journey, but things are a little more unclear after this current step…

First, we will be leaving for Virginia, next week, to attend an intentional communities conference at Twin Oaks intentional community.  We are really excited about this conference because of all the topics that are going to be covered there along with who is going! If you would like to read more about this conference, here is the link to the website.  They had a work exchange offer so we got our tickets a lot cheaper than the full price! We are hoping to have a camper by the time we get there so we don’t have to sleep in a tent with 2 kids. :/ However, we are ready to do what we need to do to make the contacts and learn about things we are lacking in.

After the conference we are thinking about hitting the road and traveling around in a camper and visiting other intentional communities, meeting other permaculturists, networking with other communities, and probably will hit up some events like Burning Man in Nevada and Earth Harmony festival in Arizona. (Please comment below with any festivals or renaissance faires you suggest we try to make it to!)

Obviously, there are going to be new expenses that we were not prepared for since we will be traveling for a time. We really feel this is an important part of the journey because we have so much more to learn about living in a community and we feel like we haven’t met the people we need to meet before settling down somewhere. Therefore, we are going to continue to do photo shoots and other fun things to help fund our travels. I will make a more detailed post soon about this but here is a very quick overview just in case you want to get involved in our dream. 🙂


Photography ~ As always, if you would like a photo shoot, please email me at: (Your investment is currently $100 deposit plus tip)

General Labor ~ This could include painting (Josh was a professional painter), or just little handyman jobs.

Web Design/Computer Repair ~ Josh has been creating websites and fixing computers since before they were popular (haha). He is great at it.

If you think you could use one of these services please don’t hesitate to email us. You never know where we are headed next! ~ Email us at:!

We will also start selling some upcycled tie dyed items and probably some other crafts as well, in the near future. If you would like to help us raise support for our travels, we do have PayPal account that we can receive funds to.The email address to send support to is: Alternatively, to help support raising money for land or general start up costs for the Elysian Fields, we have a GoFund me account that we are looking to add crafts to for donors in the near future.  (Sorry if you’ve already donated before that point, we’ll make sure you guys are taken care of!)    The GoFundMe site is here:

Peace & Love to you
~Josh & Lindsay

Photo taken by a wonderful guy we met whose wife was attending a midwifery conference here at The Farm. 2014 family photo with magpie watermark


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