Week 5 ~ Ragweed

This week is something very special. The Farm celebrates a reunion every year during this week. They call it Ragweed. This is not typically open to outsiders or the public but the members okay’d us to stay here while it was going on… Which is a huge honor.

As you may have heard by now Stephen Gaskin passed away on July 1. I didn’t get the privilege of meeting and knowing him personally but I see the impact he had on the people here and I know my family will never be the same because of the life he lived and the lives he impacted.

Click here for more about Stephen

Last night Ragweed started off with a variety show called freaks, geeks and a few black sheep. I actually got to go to the show and without kids! I was totally humbled and impacted by the show in so many ways and it seems the other apprentices were too. The reason being the theme behind the show was welcome home. For us it was overwhelming to be with such accepting individuals and the welcome home part just fit. Okay… So it isn’t really easy to describe.

Today we hung out at the Dome and met some more amazing Farmies. I also met a family from Illinois that is here to have their first baby soon. I am hoping to take some pictures for them this weekend.

I have met one of the original people who was a part of the EMT training that started in the Bronx as a part of Plenty International. If you don’t know what Plenty International is, check out www.Plenty.org. There is also more of this part of The Farm’s history in the movie 40 years at The Farm.

The rest of the weekend will hopefully consist of more stories about The Farm and meeting more incredible, inspiring people. I am still in awe of how The Farm has inspired so many people in such diverse areas. Examples: Plenty International, Midwifery, SE International, Book Publishing Co, Mushroom People, intentional communities, veganism, and of course free thought. These individuals who came by bus may not have known anything about farming and being self sustainable when they came here but they sure as hell weren’t a bunch of uneducated folk. I think the fact that a large portion of them were college students along with just being a diverse group of people is why The Farm has impacted our world in so many different areas for several generations and their ripples will continue for generations to come.

We are so fortunate to be where we are at this time. We know we are where we are supposed to be.

Peace & Love to you,



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