Week 2 at The Farm

This week started training for Josh. It has been of week of plaster, bio char and so much more for him. The kids and I have ventured around a bit but mostly just taking care of the Inn and trying to get into a routine. It has been a challenge since nothing is child proofed and the kids are at two different places in life. Jocelyn wants to play all day and Journey is still needing several naps so it makes my day a bit crazy and stressful.

We checked out the swimming hole on Thursday and met some Farmies. We visited the Unity Center and went off The Farm and met some of the locals that have started some Eco housing of their own just outside of The Farm. There are a lot of cool things going on outside and inside The Farm gate.

Yesterday there was Market day at the Dome next to the Farm store. We are thinking of making some items this next month to sell at the next market day in July. Then we went to dinner at a Farmies house who is the author of several books about The Farm. If you follow us on Facebook, Intsagram or Twitter you saw the Apprentices holding our kids.

Our little netbook is jacked so if anyone has a used laptop please contact us.

Journey is starting to teeth again. He is drooling so much he has a pretty bad rash under his neck and on his chin. It is the hardest thing to keep it dry. I finally got him down for a nap and ran off with Jocelyn to play at the school playground. We took a 3 wheeled bicycle that has a basket on the back. I put a pillow in the basket and she just sat there proudly. It was so refreshing to be in a bike and alone with my baby girl. We left the playground to go venture some more but I just felt like going to the main gate and enjoying the landscape. She was so adorable… She started falling asleep on the way back so I laid her down in the basket and she slept so peacefully.

There are so many challenges living communally with two kids. Trying to keep things quiet while they are napping, others getting tired of our daughter constantly wanting to be with them, not having a child friendly playroom, the kids whiny/screaming when others are around… but we get so much out of being with these other people. I definitely am excited for the future and what will come from all this.

That pretty much wraps up week two for me. Josh is working in his post so you will be getting lots of sustainable info soon.

Peace & Love to you,


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