It’s no secret, with those who know me, that I’m pretty into self-sustainability! I love the entire idea behind blending modern science with ancient building techniques and creating something that is far superior to any “modern” day approved techniques! I love the idea of taking trash and using it as building materials, or up cycling starters. I love the idea of being able to reverse the damage humans do to the environment. I love the aesthetics of it! I love the simplicity of it! I love the fact that, if you really wanted to, you could do it all for 100% free! (Although, money does help to make things go faster and smoother)

No doubt about it, if you ask me… There’s not a single thing better, in existence, than these self-sustainability techniques!

I’ve been thinking about going forward and getting my hands dirty for a while now, but Lindsay and I kinda *knew* intuitively that this was the time… It was now or never… About that time, I remembered about the Farm in TN. So I looked up their website again for the first time in around a year-ish. I stumbled upon the section for the eco-village training center which offered apprenticeships. And that set everything in motion!

We’re here now and starting to settle in. The apprenticeship starts tomorrow and we’re quickly getting introduced and integrated into the community, and will eventually find our place that we fit in. I’ve met nothing but amazing people, and I’m sure Lindsay would agree with that sentiment on her part. The location is amazing, set atop a rather large plateau… Which helps keep floods away during the rainy season! Proximity from light will make sure the starry sky will blow you away! And plenty of trees and woods that pretty much canopy everywhere you may want to go. The place marks a perfect spot that offers everything one would need to 100% sustainability!

Stay tuned:
There’s more to come!



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