Not what you think

I honestly was only aware of small tid bits of information on how The Farm become to be before we came. The last two days we have had the privilege of watching two movies about The Farm; 40 years on The Farm and American Commune. Both I do believe are on film festival circuits currently. There have been many transitions that The Farm has gone through and in my opinion are why The Farm is still thriving today. Currently The Farm is a close nit town of individuals that make up a housing community. There is a gate that closes at night. There is a post office on site along with a farm store, playground (the dome), school, water hole (swimming area) and a training center (where we are). There are a few businesses that office on site as well. From what I have experienced and been told so far there isn’t really any communal living except here at the training center in the Eco Hostel and other Eco housing. I know some people were curious about this before we headed this way so I wanted to make sure I stated that. To become members is a year long process and it costs $3k per adult. You get a plot of land and I am sure many benefits that I am not totally in the know of at this moment. I think it is very important for people who idolize The Farm to know and understand it is no longer a commune but an intentional community.

On a different note, the gentleman who is our Teacher here at the ETC is Albert Bates. He is very well known in the Eco community for so many environmental things but was also The Farm’s Lawyer at one time and has been here since the early 70s. As we found out from the movie 40 years on The Farm he also helped Al Gore know more about environmental issues that Al speaks of today. Very interesting, huh? We are truly blessed to be where we are and I can’t wait to continue to learn more from all these amazing folks.

Here are some links about Albert if you are interested.

Josh will be posting soon about all of the things he is doing. We are limited because of the rain and the internet signal currently. Thank you for your patience, love and support.


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