Global Marijuana March 2014

I am going to start this blog off with one of the most important parts of decriminalizing cannabis…  The medical needs…  Below are four families among several that were at the march that could truly benefit from taking the non-hallucinogenic strand of cannabis daily. What would you do if your child had an illness that cannabis could cure or just ease their suffering until they die?  What about cancer patients? Did you know that cannabis oil has been found to cure many diseases and ailments? We must change peoples negative connotation with cannabis before we can go forward. This negative connotation is holding us back as a nation. More importantly… it is allowing children and adults to suffer when there is a cure/aid for them.

IMG_1991 w

Currently going through chemo.

IMG_1888 w

2/3 of this family’s children have a rare genetic disorder that cannabis could help them to be able to eat. This diaper is custom made by the mom in the next picture. Please contact Kenda at

IMG_1880 w

Kenda has a daughter that is dying. Cannabis could ease her pain and give her comfort until passing on.

IMG_1983 w

There are a few different aspects of cannabis becoming legalized/decriminalized. We already touched on the medical aspect. Now, what about the fact that this is a herb? People are literally rotting in jail because they bought, sold, etc. an herb… seems kinda crazy when you think about what it truly is.

Lastly, hemp… do you realize that hemp can be used in clothing, food, cars, building materials, fuel, etc.?!?!?!  It could absolutely transform the economy and help create jobs and do so much more! Please enjoy my photos and feel free to comment about them.

IMG_1980 w

IMG_1978 w

IMG_1977 w

IMG_1964 w

IMG_1963 w

IMG_1962 w

IMG_1957 w

At the Fort Worth Courthouse Steps

IMG_1955 w

IMG_1947 w

Marching down Weatherford St. Downtown Fort Worth

IMG_1945 w

IMG_1944 w

I love we had the entire road to us. Police directing traffic around us.

IMG_1941 w

This family was having fun with green! Took this one in color just so everyone could see their awesome style!! 🙂

IMG_1935 w

Raising the next generation knowing they have to participate in things like a march to make our wishes known in our country.

IMG_1932 w

Signs says “Don’t fear the refer”

IMG_1925 w

IMG_1922 w

IMG_1919 w

Texas flag with a cannabis leaf on it.

IMG_1916 w

Beginning of march going down Throckmorton.

IMG_1914 w

IMG_1911 w

IMG_1906 w

IMG_1905 w

IMG_1904 wIMG_1883 w

IMG_1867 w

IMG_1866 wIMG_1865 w

IMG_1854 w

This is the sign I made for our wagon we brought.

IMG_1851 w

IMG_1841 w

IMG_1840 w

IMG_1838 w

{Edit} I do love how there were people from all walks of life, different races, different purposes for being there and one love and respect for each other.


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