Breastfeeding… is so beautiful.

Photo by J Boggs

Photo by J Boggs

Breastfeeding is a journey for each mom. To do it or not. Late night feedings. Milk supply. Diet changes. Latch worries. Nurse in public or not. Pumping and bottles. It can seem very overwhelming at times. I am on my second breastfed baby so I have learned that the inconveniences are actually blessings sometimes. I know when my son needs to eat and I really don’t want to sit down with him right then that nursing him is actually what I need. 🙂 The constant need for nourishment from me is draining but it seems to make me stronger at the end of the day. Motherhood is so overwhelming at times. When I look down at his handsome chubby face, I never want to stop holding him. I think there is so much to the bonding relationship that occurs during nursing. I feel it. It is euphoric at times. Gotta love Mr. Oxytocin.

Breastfeed on ladies!

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