Flower Power

One of the many challenges of photographing little ones is timing. Some days we will get that perfect time of day when they have eaten and taken a nap and are in a great mood. Then other days things don’t go as planned and they need a nap and are just generally unhappy. It was definitely nap time for this little one and my own when she arrived but we played and waited. She seemed to get her second wind and allowed me to get these beautiful shots.

A few of the images below have a matte look to them. I think sometimes the glossy, bright look takes away from the picture. Which is also another reason why I love Black & Whites so much.

I hope you enjoy this little ones cuteness. 🙂

Until next time.

Allie 10 months-1 Allie 10 months-2 Allie 10 months-15m Allie 10 months-16 Allie 10 months-18 Allie 10 months-21 Allie 10 months-37m


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