Update on things

So I am very thankful to all who helped us get to Indiana so quickly. I was able to spend a week with my father before he died. I am still trying to wrap my head around his absence and finding it extremely hard to believe it is real. However, the circle of life does continue and Josh became an Uncle this last weekend. I had surgery the day after my father died to remove my gall bladder. I am still recovering as we are looking for Josh a job and working on cleaning up my dad’s estate. Needless to say, I feel like I have been kicked in the face repeatedly. There are so many things going on that are not appropriate for our blog. However, we are trying to keep our chins up and get through this. I have to say I am so thankful that we were in the current life position we were in so that we were able to drop what we were doing and come up so quickly. On the way up we found out the kids weren’t allowed in the hospital. If Josh was still at a 9-5 job I don’t know what would’ve happened.

It is pretty cold up here, and we have been trying our best to keep the kids inside so they don’t get sick. (Which didn’t work because the one time we did go out Journey caught croup and is still fighting it.) I think it has caused us all to have some cabin fever. We have been enjoying movies on Netflix and trying to stay warm. It has been nice to have a good steady internet connection here at my mom’s house. I love seeing all the things people are doing, and small ways they are sharing love and helping others. A friend of ours from Fort Worth has recently started the journey towards being a surrogate. If you are interested in following her journey check her blog out at https://ataleoftwomothers.wordpress.com/ and on FB at https://www.facebook.com/ATaleOfTwoMothers

Please continue to send positive, healing vibes our way. I am still creating fun crocheted items if you are interested. The Thwear has become a popular item, as of late. The color schemes, we have been dishing out, are endless.

Our dream is still very much alive and we can’t wait to get back on the road to Elysian Fields.

Peace & Love to you

We need your help

hello there. We just received some sad news about my father’s health. We are currently in Florida and he is in Indiana. We are calling on all favors right now for us to get on the road and head that way asap. If you would like a tie dyes item or a thwear or hat or just want to send a monetary gift please send it via PayPal or email us. Theboggs727@gmail.com.

we love you and thank you for your support and love.

14 Things You Need To Know About Living In A Camper With Kids

We have been on the road for six months now and have learned a few things about living in small spaces, and now living in a camper (19 foot pop-up hybrid). There are so many freedoms of living this lifestyle but it doesn’t come with its fair share of challenges. Here are 14 things you need to know about living full time in a camper with small children. Some of these items are if you are traveling or WWOOFing, however, they may apply if you are stationary also. This life is not for the faint of heart. It is challenging to be in new situations all the time that require me to be on my game so that the kids are safe. Hopefully, if you are thinking of taking an adventure like this one you will be more informed and equipped to start that journey after reading our tips.

  • Noise:
    If one baby is up, the whole family will be up. We have an eleven month old and a two year old. There is no other room to take the baby that is awake to, so most likely the whole family will be awake soon. The small space is also challenging during nap times. Typically, the whole family is in the camper, making it even more challenging. The majority of the time, we have to get one of them to sleep, and then bring in the other kid. This can be even harder if you are parked next to noisiness. We have dealt with constant barking dogs, loud people, and just general noise. It can get really frustrating.
  • Limited privacy:
    Bathroom is barely big enough to change in. So hopefully you are a family that is proud of your figures no matter what you look like and this isn’t a big deal to you. Speaking of which… if you are thinking of having sex, I would like to know where on earth you are doing it. I just don’t see there being a way that doesn’t rock the camper and wake up the kids.
  • Where are the kids going to sleep?
    There is no room for a crib or bassinet. Co-sleeping is the only option unless you are able to add a barrier somehow and make the sleeping space safe for the kiddo. We were already co-sleeping so this was a natural transition for us. We put in a gate so that the kids couldn’t fall out when I wasn’t blocking the opening.
  • Eating:
    Requires propane, not just electricity. I don’t know about you, but we are on a well below poverty budget. This forces us to limit our propane use to emergency only. Most places we park the camper do have a kitchen we can access; but sometimes you just don’t want to drag the kids inside just to be able to eat lunch. In addition, you will also have to cart your food and dishes back and forth from the house. So we found other ways to cook without using the propane and not always using the microwave. A rice cooker is a great tool, because you can cook rice, and if you have a steamer on top you can also cook some veggies. A toaster oven is another great tool. Of course, you have to have the room in your camper to store these items.
  • Storage:
    No matter how much you think you have, most likely it isn’t enough. There are collapsible kitchen items you can buy that will help with space, such as, bowls, measuring cups, etc. We found some good storage-space-use ideas on Pinterest, but it is definitely hard to stay well organized in a tight space with limited storage. For example, we still haven’t found a good place to put the trash can. It is either in the way, or too far out of the way to be handy. Also be mindful that, when you move the camper, the items in the cabinets shift.
  • Storing your stuff:
    We sold a ton of things before we moved everything into a storage unit. We sold some wrong things and kept some wrong things. My suggestion is to store your belongings for 6 months. After you have lived in your new space for 6 months you should have a better idea of what you, truly, need.
  • Kid friendly vs Kid safe:
    If you are WWOOFing while traveling, like us, it is good to know that not all places that say they are kid friendly are actually kid safe. There is a difference between your hosts liking kids, and your hosts having safe spaces for them to dwell during play time. Make sure you get information about where the kids will be able to be and play, along with any hazards you will need to be aware of like pools, busy roads, etc.
  • Kids and Climate:
    Camping is great during the summer but if you are easily susceptible to cabin fever in the winter… don’t travel in a camper during that time of year. Kids have to be able to get out and play. If it is too cold for them to go outside it is going to make everyone miserable. Make sure your destination plans for a warmer climate during the winter if you think that you will be in a camper during that time.
  • Food Storage:
    Storing your clothes and toys is one thing, but food storage is a whole different situation. You definitely have to be mindful of when you will be ‘jumping’ to the next location so your weight is down for traveling. For example: not buying cases of water just before a ‘jump’ or, on the flip side, a brand new loaf of bread. It will, most likely, be obliterated by the time you arrive to your new destination. Also, your fridge/freezer is typically smaller than you are used to, so it is best to use it wisely. Another thing to know is if your backup battery will keep your fridge cool while on the move.
  • Dishes:
    Please think about your kitchen area and if it is able to accommodate you and your family for food prep and to wash dishes. Also note that to do the dishes you need to use propane again to get warm water to do the dishes. It typically takes around an hour to warm the water in the water heater.
  • Showers:
    I have only met a few people that actually used the shower in their camper. We use ours as a closet. We use the facilities of our hosts to shower since this, again, would cause us to use propane. If you have small children, this may be an area that you need to think about. You will need to bring something along with you to make this an easy transition when you travel.
  • Waste:
    Yes, that bodily waste that you never really think of where it goes. Well let me give you the ditty: Dealing with it is a bit yucky. We bought some latex dish gloves that we use just for when we dump the waste. Also, we flush the black water first, and then the grey water. This helps rinse the poo out of the tube you connect to the holding tanks so you don’t have to worry about it dripping on you as much. Yes, I don’t care how careful you are… you will get the poo on you. If you don’t know the difference in the water; black is your poo and pee and grey is your dish water, shower water, and other sink water. If you get the privilege of landing at a RV park for a time, we suggest filling up your tanks with water and draining them a few times to give them a good rinse. You just never know when you will be able to do this again. Also, keep vinegar around. It helps clean the toilet bowl of that ammonia smell; Just fill the bowl with water, add vinegar, let it sit for a bit, and flush. Also, there is a special type of “septic safe” toilet paper you will need to buy. It is thinner and won’t clog up your system. Speaking of clogging up your system, make sure that, before you poo, you use the rinse lever and allow plenty of water to be in the toilet. This way your poo is able to be gravity-flushed down more efficiently and won’t clog up the pipe leading to your tank.
  • Laundry:
    Make sure you find out if you have access to a washer and dryer before you head anywhere. Just add this to your list of questions to ask when looking for your next stop. We also cloth diaper. So I have to make sure I, at least, have daily access to a washer so we have diapers ready.
  • Things to bring if at all possible:
  1. We have a little kid’s wagon that we have used for so much randomness. Biggest use is moving things from the truck to the camper if we can’t park them next to each other.
  2. Camping chairs. I feel this is a given but they are so versatile.
  3. Pack N Play. This is if you have small kiddos. There isn’t always a safe place for them to play, so this can be a lifesaver. Especially if you just arrived to your new spot and need to help get the campsite setup.
  4. Tarps, extension cords, & flash lights. Pretty self explanatory. More than 2 of each is not too many.
  5. Tools: Bring. All. Of. The. Tools. We store ours in the truck since they are so heavy. You never know what you will need for the camper but also at each farm or Intentional Community you visit.

Also, when you are preparing to move from one location to the next (what we call “jumping”), get your check off lists ready. We have one for the camper, one for the truck, one for the diaper bag, and travel food storage bag.

Happy Camping!

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The gritty details of how we got here

I am sure many of you are trying to figure out what the hell we are doing. I have been wanting to write a post for awhile about what we are doing and how we managed to get here. Just so you know we didn’t plan for any of the current situation we are in.

When we left Fort Worth we had planned on finding land near The Farm in Tennessee to start our own intentional community, “The Elysian Fields.” Josh was going to be an apprentice at the Ecovillage Training Center while we scoped out land. We had more than enough money to sustain us and make a down payment on land. Well we had a great plan but the timing was off. We could tell as the summer went on that it wasn’t time for land yet and there were still connections we needed to make that we hadn’t yet, etc. We stayed at the ETC for August while we tried to figure out what to do next. We searched high & low for a camper because we needed a place to live and be as a family. Then I saw an ad about the Twin Oaks Community Conference. It was a chance to meet people and network with other communities. Exactly what we were missing. So without knowing what was going to happen next we packed what we thought we could use or need into our truck and headed to Virginia while still looking for a camper. On day 3 of the trip I planned on stopping in Richmond to look at a camper, which is the one we bought. It is a great fit for us and everything worked in it. Once we were at the conference we sorta felt lost. Like we were ahead of ourselves but couldn’t place what we were supposed to do. Since we had to get the trailer plated I researched where was the best place to be our home base and get our licenses and plates done. This brought us back to The Farm. By this point we needed money to cover this extra cost so I started selling stuff. Stuff I didn’t want to sell. You must understand that this was not the first time I was cutting ties with my old life and ways of thinking. But we figured, why pay for a storage of stuff I can’t use while trying to find our path on this road to The Elysian Fields? In the end most of it could be replaced at some point. I hate myself for this part of the journey but I learned a lot about myself and am very thankful I have such a forgiving & supportive spouse. So we parked the camper at the Unity Center on The Farm for a few weeks while Josh Wwoofed to pay for us being there and I sold our stuff. Once we got our plates we knew we needed to be going. There were of course a few items like pictures that had to go somewhere so that is what led us to Indiana next. My mom and stepdad graciously allowed us to come there and stay for a few weeks while we organized the camper. They also allowed us to store several items there. Those three weeks were rough and we were working with only a few dollars to get us through. I was able to sell a few hats to get us some gas money but overall fear was trying to take me over. I have learned a lot about mediation and gratitude over the last couple of months so this was just another part of the spiritual journey I was personally on and I knew it. I recently stated on our Facebook how this road we are on is not just to share love, knowledge & community, but it is also a spiritual one. Although, I am not an eloquent enough writer to fully put into words exactly what I mean by that concept. But, there is more than what meets the eye to everything in this world. Everything is “spiritual” in it’s own right it seems. Anyway, for whatever reason, I pulled a Lindsay and jumped the gun on the Universe and went to Branson before what seems we were supposed to because my friend had a three day weekend and for whatever reason I thought that was just a good stop on our way West. As soon as we arrived things didn’t feel right. One thing Josh & I have learned is to communicate a little better. Although my stubbornness had screwed up several things at this point. We have to be on the same page and the second day we were there we could tell we were in the wrong place. So we both meditated and asked where are we supposed to be. Arkansas is what came to my mind and the names of our friends, who lived in Arkansas, is what came to Josh. :) So I immediately text them and told them we wanted to visit them next. Which if I hadn’t rushed things we had planned to go there before Branson originally so it was funny (not funny haha though) that that’s where we needed to be. They said, “come on!” So we stayed one more day and then headed to Arkansas. It was like the moment we left Branson a cloud had lifted. It had been nice seeing my goddaughter but it just wasn’t the right time. Once we arrived in Paragould I felt a peace that was radiating so much that my heart was light and I was able to slow down and be me for a moment. It is wonderfully strange how things have progressed in spite of irresponsible “jumping the gun.”

So now you can understand why I have started using my hobbies and interests to try and make some cash. This wasn’t part of the plan. The Universe had a different plan than we did. We are not trying to not work for a living. We know we are meant to make this community. So we are trying to be more in tune with things & let things ride out.

We got some advice that mentioned how we may need help from people who actually understand us and our dream and could help support us over the winter months. She gave me some suggestions on how to go about that but nothing has come from it. I think it is due to the fact that I haven’t followed through throughly on my end and hadn’t written this post yet. After talking about this idea with others I realized that we really aren’t any different than missionaries. People support them all the time for the sake of religion. We have been helping families, spreading love, and learning about so many things, that I see us as missionaries to all those that are lonely, in need of community and just generally we can bless with our presence and energy. Those who don’t even realize they long for community, but are looking for it in all the wrong places. They just need the knowledge to get to where they need to be.

Thank you for following our journey. It isn’t what we planned it to be but we are now paying, more careful attention, and are trying to get on track with our journey. It seems things are moving in the right direction now that I have taken a few steps back and learned a few things. We have received a couple of orders for tie dye shirts so I am hoping that will continue since the shirts help us make the most profit for the time put into it. We want to be able to practice our crafts and to learn things about sustainability, permaculture, and community and just be where we are at instead of always trying to just make another $20 to scrape by. We are currently talking to an intentional community about going there next but we don’t know where we are headed for winter yet. I am convinced that we will know when we are supposed to know. Lol.

If you have any questions feel free to comment or email. :)